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How to Sell Your Beats and Music like a Pro!

This Mix and Mastering Course contains simple, straight to the point (no fluff) step by step videos on how i promote my beats and other products successfully. In this course i will be going really in depth on how to indenify what your target audience is, how i setup my Facebook campaigns, email marketing to free methods to sell your beats, music and other products like sounds kits and so forth.

This isn’t a perfect course but this should help you out in some kind of way. I’ve been doing music straight for the past decade so this is me giving back to the music online community on my experiences through trial and error so you don’t have to make the same mistakes i did. I appreciate all the support you guys have been giving me over the years thank you.

Here are some results i’ve done for my business over the years

One Day of Beat Sales($300+).


Heres another, $339 Off a LEASE purchase.


Also here’s how big only one of my email list is from my marketing efforts.


I can go on and on for days! I’ve never been a flashy person but I’m just showing you some of the possibilities of what can happen when you know the proper knowledge and take action.

What Ours Are Saying!

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